Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting

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Spray Painting

Multi-Media Blasting

Multi-Media Blasting


ProBlast is your expert in surface preparation and protection.

Whatever your business, you’re bound to be concerned about the impact of time on your surfaces. If you want your materials and infrastructure to last, your going to need to maintain and protect them from the environment around you.

ProBlast offers a wide range of surface treatment solutions. We’re experts in sandblasting,Abrasive Blasting, and specialist multi-media blasting solutions.

Choose ProBlast and you know that we will deliver the surface you need now. ProBlast offers a professional service backed up with the expertise and the equipment needed to deliver great results.

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Lattey Group

On a recent project we required large panels sandblasted in a timely manner to meet our clients delivery time frame. Craig and his teams exceptional service made sure the job was completed on time and within budget. We would not hesitate in recommending Craig and the Problast team. www.latteygroup.co.nz

Blair Hislop – Fieldsway Engineering

Problast have been a part of the Fieldsway Engineering’s team for over 12 years now with steel and Aluminium preparation, undercoat, top coat and handling done at the highest standard. All work has been within the required schedules & timelines with the friendliest experience. Craig’s own experience with the help of his support team of professionals can advise and supply any system required to suit the needs and durability required for the installation. All surface prep and paint thickness are guaranteed with certificates to meet all standards in NZ’s harsh environment. Blair Hislop - Design Engineer FieldsWay Engineering

James Fyfe – Landquip

Craig and his team at Problast have been an integral link in the chain for Landquip Ltd over the last 6 years. We manufacture Horticulture gear from tractor mounted forklifts to large 11ton Grape Bins. We do get under pressure at certain times of the year meeting tight time frames and Problast have always pulled their weight so that we meet these, sometimes sacrificing their weekends to get the work done. Craig is willing to discuss any technical advice required re blasting procedures and the use of different paint finishes to get the best finish for our products. I would recommend Problast every time. www.landquip.co.nz

Brandon Duncan – Metal Magic

Craig and has team at Problast are second to none for us. Their flexible approach allows us to give our customers exceptional service every time. We wouldn't go anywhere else! Metal Magic Hawkes Bay

Dion Butler – Deakin Trucks

Absolutely recommend, Problast have been doing the majority of our blasting and painting for some time now. Nothing is ever a problem and the quality of work is always top notch! Deakin Trucks  www.deakintrucks.co.nz

Joshua Smith – Hydralada

Hydralada Company LTD has been subcontracting to Problast since September 2008. Hydralada Company strives for their products to be at the highest quality possible which Problast meets, and will gladly do anything to meet any standard. Craig and his team couldn’t be more pleasant to work with in that they jump to and give you the best service, even in times of great pressure Craig is always able give great service with a smile and slip something through for you last minute. Good suppliers are those that are easy to communicate with and that you know they are on the same page when is comes to fine detail. Earlier years we tried a lot of other sandblasters/painters which none were reliable enough for us to depend on for production, Problast ticks all the boxes and is highly recommended to all”. “Problast is quality driven, customer focused, great service and always with a smilewww.hydralada.com

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